Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting at the Chassis

Well, we've got to get at the foundation somehow and get it in good condition. Today an old high school friend came over and spent the day with us working on getting the Gem jacked up, bolts removed and getting the chassis to fall away from the trailer. This was a BIG JOB.
The main problem was NOTHING could break these bolts loose or cut them for that matter. Bob decided the easiest way would be to just chisel the wood around the bolts and let the chassis weight pull it away from the floor. This worked pretty good!
About 2 dozen 1 1/2" screws held the chassis to the floor. Under the 1/2 "inch floor is a thin sheet of "something" (cardboard) that has been undercoated.

Finally, mission accomplished. After spending about 5-6 hours, the cabin is free from the chassis and floating above it on supports. Next we will remove the wheels and pull the chassis outside to work on it. It will be interesting to find out exactly how bad a shape the chassis is in.

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