Friday, November 21, 2008

More "destruction"!

We've been slowly removing more from the interior. Today a bench came out, along with the bed and table:

Though most of the floor seems sound, all around the edges of the trailer is bad.. of course the most important part of the floor since that's what the cabin rests on. The corners are especially bad, this corner you can see clean through to the ground through a large crack where the back wall has come away from the floor:

We removed the bed and table. The bed has a thin sheet of paneling that the table hooks to. We will replace this sheet of wood with a nice sheet of birch before re-installing the table. The photo of the table shows the hardware used to create the "stowaway" bed. When the bed is in the down position, resting on the benches, the table is underneath. When you raise the bed up to "stow" along the back wall, the table drops down to give you a dinette area.

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