Saturday, November 8, 2008

Renovations Begin!

I've decided to start this blog to more easily keep a record of our Schiebout Little Gem renovation. I will be adding lots of measurements and photos to help those who may also have plans to renovate this same trailer model.

I searched about a year for this particular trailer. It is a 1965 Little Gem "Bugg" model trailer. (7' wide, 12' long (includes tongue) and with a 8' cabin) It weighs approximately 1000 lbs. I wanted something very small and easy to tow, yet large enough to stand in. I also wanted to find one that the exterior aluminum was in good shape, since that is the one item I did not want to try to replace or fix. We were especially lucky to find a Bugg model with so much of it's interior intact. An interesting note: This is the only Bugg I have seen that is so "loaded" with interior items. A small oven, a built in toilet, the unusual floorplan..... I've not seen another like it to date.

You can see before photos here:

This is the trailer we will use the most for camping, and we especially plan to use it for any longer trips we make, so it is important to have it in tip-top shape. The plan is restore the chassis, insulate, replace the floor, replace the interior with 1/8" birch, and finally restore the exterior. This will be our most complete vintage trailer renovation to date.

The first order of business is getting the Little Gem inside the garage for a dry, warm workspace. This proved a bit more difficult then we had first imagined.

At first glance, (and from this angle) it doesn't look likely that this trailer is going to fit inside the door. But looking at it at another angle, you get a feeling that it might just work:

What finally worked was the following. We made sure we had a bit of air in the tires, and then unbolted and slide the tongue jack up as high as it would go. This put the tongue on the ground and lowered the trailer. Bob then went around back and got his plow truck. They placed a big piece of wood between the tongue and the plow and literally "plowed" the trailer into the garage. By the time we were done pushing the trailer most of the way in, we had quite a trench dug from the jack/tongue digging into the ground. The last little bit of manuevering into the garage was accomplished with our riding lawnmower.

We will soon begin tear-down of the trailer.

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aasddfr said...

That last picture looks like it sitting directly on the ground!

I wish I had a garage to put ours in, but alas.