Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today we managed to man-handle the heater out of the trailer. It was in there good!

We also now have a good look at what might be back behind the paneling and it's not good. No insulation and very little stud work. It appears if we were to peel back the exterior aluminum, we would find very little framework on this trailer, at least far less than I was expecting. On the ceiling you have your aluminum, your paneling, and then a stud of wood "inside", in the interior of the trailer as bracework. Interesting. We are going to try to get the chassis out from underneath the cabin before we begin tearing down the old paneling in the trailer since the paneling itself is much of the cabin support itself. You can get a feel of what I mean by these photos. Note how badly water damaged the edge framework is. Yikes! In any event, we will be getting some rigid insulation in this trailer. We feel insulation is very important to keep the heat out of a trailer in the summer time. It is also a nice sound barrier to any noise. We may have to utilize some of our teardrop building techniques to get insulation in this trailer.

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