Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chassis done

We finished up on the repairs/renovation of the chassis today. We'll get it covered with a coating of fence paint and then get the floor on very soon:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's raining today so I decided to start working on the benches. The Bugg has the most simple bench seats I have ever seen. They are simply benches made of 1/4" plywood, tops of 1/4" ply, foam for cushion and then material stapled over the top.

These had seen water damage before and were also very faded. As we tore them apart, we could see where someone had actually created a patch at one time to repair the wood from water damage. I had thought the red vinyl was original, but I now believe it likely isn't. Bob feels somewhere along the line, someone spent some time to try to salvage/repair this trailer as best they could. Since we have no early photos of a Bugg with this floorplan, we have no way of knowing what is truly original. It has proven difficult to find a Bugg in good enough original shape to be sure. Most I have seen, cushions and beds are missing.... painted walls...etc.

I went to the fabric store and picked up on sale some beautiful brown micro-fiber suede like fabric for 20 bucks. I was really thrilled to find this fabric since the colors I'm doing the inside of the trailer will be mainly brown and turquoise. Since the covers for the benches are so simple, I just removed all the old rusty staples, used the red vinyl for the pattern and stapled the new fabric in place. The foam on the seats was still in good condition.

The back rests, which are screwed to the walls, appeared to have at one time had foam, but it had been removed. We put in new foam on these and covered them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's been a really long time since I've posted to the Gem blog. The snow and cold have really put a halt to any work on the Gem until just recently. Now that the chassis is back visible again from being snow buried... we've been working again on it.

This chassis was in REALLY bad shape in several areas. Left alone for much longer... well, it was on it's way to a slow death by rust. The chassis required sandblasting and then lots of welding in areas. We added reinforcements and repairs in the way of more/new steel, removed the rust and primed. Next we will coat with the following product from Tractor Supply:

Fence-post's Black Beauty premium asphalt fence paint is a high performance coating made with select asphalts, oils and rust inhibitors. This product penetrates into wood and metal surfaces enabling it to bond to the substrate and provide a tough, weatherproof finish. Black Beauty prevents rot, decay, and termite infestation on wooden surfaces while acting as an anti corrosive coating and rust stopper on metal surfaces.

We noted after removing coats and coats of paint on the hitch, the word "Marvel" for the brand, along with some numbers. We should be finishing up soon on the chassis work and will then move on to putting down a new 1/2 " plywood floor. After much thought, I feel rolled vinyl flooring will suit our camping needs best. I want something that can handle dirt, sand and moisture well.
I hope to add more progress reports here soon:)