Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to the frame.

We have removed the old homemade storage box off the back of the trailer, but we will re-attach the bumper. I'd like to leave enough room, about the same size as the board you see here, to allow for an area large enough to hold a generator, battery... or whatever we may find we need room for.

One saving grace was the aluminum will be on the easy side to work with since the trailer is so small and the aluminum is in separate "pieces". This will make them much easier to handle, paint, and work on.

Color: In this photo you can see the darker original turquoise color of the accent color on this trailer. Someone had tried painting over it with a rather flat, house paint? They had the color pretty close...though not quite dark enough. I'm still not sure what color we are going to go with:

Piece by Piece

Today we removed one entire side of the Bugg, down to the frame. There is water damage on ALL framework. The homemade awning attachments at the top were drilled through into the wooden frame and created just more areas of water to creep in. Because of this we will not be reattaching these awning attachments. We'll go with the original rope awning hardware which is still there.
The entire framework will have to be rebuilt by scratch. (And this was suppose to be the good side of the trailer! Yikes!) Underneath, hidden from view, this trailer has been slowly suffering from a slow death by water.
We are planning on adding a bit more support here and there within the new framework and also add insulation to this trailer which had none originally. Bob and I both are big fans of insulation for both a sound barrier and to keep the heat out of the trailer better in the summer time.