Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We are just that close.... to getting the paint done and the aluminum back on the trailer.
We've spent so much time on the aluminum banging out any dents and repairing dents, tears and holes with fiberglass bondo. This trailer had the usual tears along the bottom, especially in the back and also had a tree land on it's roof at one time. That spot took some extra care to repair.
In my opinion, your trailer is it's aluminum. If you can't get the aluminum looking pretty good, the trailer will always look a bit old and defeated. I'm sure in the end I'll be very happy we spent so much time working on the exterior aluminum..... though frankly it's been a real chore!

I hope to have photos soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a job. We found out early on that as we removed the aluminum, we had more repairs to make then what I had first thought. Tears along the bottom were handled by pop riveting in a small piece of aluminum behind the tear and then applying bondo to cover the tear. LOTS of sanding and elbow power applies for this type of work.
Prior to all of this we also had to remove most/all of the old paint with paint remover and then sand smooth. We are SICK of working on the aluminum. It would have been so much easier if we'd had the money to just replace it all with new.........

Here you see where a tree had landed on the top of the roof and we are repairing the dent with bondo. We also had holes to fill where the homebrew awning hardware had been. We will not be using those again since they created large areas of water rot.

The framework is mostly done now. It took a long time to get all the pieces cut to correct size and attached to the overall framework. We drilled each hole and put together with screws along with liquid nail. Very time consuming. We needed lots of framework to insert 3/4" foam insulation inside, something this trailer had none of originally. Insulation is high on my "must have" list to keep heat and noise out of our trailer.