Thursday, May 6, 2010

First two photos. Poly on birch. You also see side by side shot of birch before and after poley.
The last photo, Golden Oak on left, Pecan on right. Yuck on both.

Interior color

I have been struggling with what to do for color on the birch inside. I first tried a Watco Danish in a Golden Oak... too yellow. I also tried a Minwax Pecan. "Too boring brown".

Finally, after stating to different folks how I would like to keep it light, several folks, including a carpenter recommended just plain ole straight polyurathane. I went with a gloss, hoping after several coats, I can get it to shine.

I'm very happy with the color. Not sure you can see in these photos what the true look is with just one coat of straight poly over birch, but it darkens it up nicely, not too much... and pulls out the grain. I think this will be just what I was looking for after a couple of coats.