Monday, May 21, 2012

finished roof

The PVC roof has been applied and the roof should be leak free now since the bad seam in the aluminum is now covered.   You see the metal edge on the top which is where it starts.  It ends on the back side about the same place.  We didn't want it to be visible from the ground.

This job was a big one, taking down the vent again, glueing down the roof material, cleaning up all the old edges and trim, applying new sealant to everything... tooks several days.  Though it isn't a "pretty" look, its white like the aluminum and water tight.  Water tight is something this trailer hasn't likely seen in at least a decade.  If this stops the leaking and we believe it will, we can live with the pvc on the roof.  We'll keep it for as long as it does the job.  When it doesn't, we'll invest in a new sheet of aluminum plus new edging.

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