Monday, July 14, 2014

I REALLY hated not having a screen door.  This door has a small screen in it, but if you open the windows, you obviously have to have the entire door shut at all times.  I found it to be far more of  a bother than most doors that come with a separate screen door and the opportunity to leave the door latched open/secured to the trailer while in use. 
We COULD have made a wooden screen door that would have worked.  However, since it appears that most older motor homes (what we got our screen door off of) and older trailers have a pretty standard size screen door, it fit perfectly. 
Due to the way the original door is installed, the screen door must be installed to open IN instead of out.  It folds back towards the inside cupboard/sink area open.  When not using it, we open the sliding door on the screen door, grab the doorhandle and shut the door. 
It works wonderful and is one of my favorite additions to the trailer. 

"Electric conveniences"

It's been a while.  In the meantime one of the biggest changes we've made is to continue with the idea of making this trailer more convenient for camping "non-rustic".  (We have the Shasta Compact for rustic camping)

We removed the gas stove and used the area to install a microwave.  We also purchased a new Coleman gas stove with grill/griddle and lock it in place with a simple bungie cord while traveling.  The gas line has been capped off so we can still use the gas light if needed and of course we also still have 12 volt/converter availability. 

This has made our trailer very convenient when camping anywhere where electric is available;)